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  • 8015 24v fan 80mmx80mmx15mm fan
  • 8015 24v fan 80mmx80mmx15mm fan
  • 8015 24v fan 80mmx80mmx15mm fan
8015 24v fan 80mmx80mmx15mm fan8015 24v fan 80mmx80mmx15mm fan8015 24v fan 80mmx80mmx15mm fan

8015 24v fan 80mmx80mmx15mm fan

  • Size: 80mmx80mmx15mm
  • Voltage Range: 12v 24v
  • Bearing Type: Sleeve/Hydraulic/Dual Ball Bearing
  • Type: DC Axial Fan
  • Product description: 8015 fan 24v 12v ,cooling fan facotry quiet cooling fan solutions

8015 24v fan 80mmx80mmx15mm fan


Model Voltage Current Power Speed Air Flow Air Pressure Noise
Part Number (volt) (Amp) (Watt) (rpm) (CFM) (mmH2O) (dB-A)
CLD8015L12 12 0.1 1.2 2000 22.8 1.2 30.4
CLD8015M12 12 0.13 1.56 2500 25 1.65 33.5
CLD8015H12 12 0.21 2.52 3000 31.9 2.44 36.2
CLD8015HH12 12 0.3 3.6 3500 36.6 3.38 40.3
CLD8015L24 24 0.06 1.44 2000 22.8 1.2 30.4
CLD8015M24 24 0.08 1.92 2500 25 1.65 33.5
CLD8015H24 24 0.1 2.4 3000 31.9 2.44 36.2
CLD8015HH24 24 0.18 4.32 3500 36.6 3.38 40.3


8015 fan is a highly efficient cooling solution that is widely used in various applications. With its compact size and excellent performance, it has become a popular choice for maintaining optimal operating temperatures.

For applications that require a 24V power supply, the 8015 24V fan is the ideal option. This fan variant operates at 24V and is commonly used in industrial equipment, telecommunications devices, and other systems that demand robust cooling capabilities. The 8015 24V fan ensures efficient heat dissipation, making it suitable for demanding environments where reliable cooling is essential.

The 8015 fan is commonly used in various electronic devices and systems. It finds applications in desktop computers, servers, networking equipment, and industrial machinery. Whether it's cooling CPUs, graphics cards, power supplies, or other internal components, the 8015 fan provides reliable performance and helps prevent overheating.

With its larger size of 80mm x 80mm x 15mm, the 8015 fan offers enhanced airflow and cooling capabilities. This variant is commonly used in applications that require increased cooling performance, such as high-performance gaming PCs, server racks, and industrial cooling systems. The 80mm x 80mm x 15mm fan ensures efficient heat dissipation, helping to maintain optimal operating conditions even in demanding environments.


  • Computers and Servers: The 8010 fan is widely used in desktop computers and server systems to cool components such as CPUs, graphics cards, and power supplies.
  • Electronics: It finds application in various electronic devices, including audio/video equipment, networking devices, and industrial machinery, to dissipate heat and maintain optimal operating temperatures.
  • Industrial Automation: The 8010 fan is utilized in industrial automation systems, control panels, and machinery to provide efficient cooling and prevent overheating.
  • Telecommunications: It is commonly used in telecommunications devices, such as routers, switches, and modems, to prevent overheating and ensure reliable performance.
  • Compact Devices: The compact size of the 8010 fan makes it suitable for compact electronic devices like small form factor PCs, mini-ITX systems, and embedded systems, where efficient cooling is essential.
  • Automotive Electronics: It can be employed in automotive applications to cool electronic components or assist in ventilation systems for car interiors.
  • Cooling Cabinets and Enclosures: The 8010 fan is used in cooling cabinets and enclosures to maintain a suitable temperature for sensitive equipment and prevent overheating.
  • HVAC Systems: The 8010 fan is sometimes used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for air circulation and cooling purposes.
  • Gaming Systems: It is commonly used in gaming rigs and high-performance systems to manage increased heat generated by powerful components.
  • Medical Equipment: The 8010 fan finds application in medical equipment, such as diagnostic devices and imaging systems, to maintain optimal operating temperatures and prevent overheating.

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