How to Extend the Service Life for Fans

As stated in The Decisive Factor for Fan Service Life, the service life of fans is determined by the grease life. Therefore, extending the service life of grease also extends the service life of fans. Here are four ways to extend the service life of grease.


1. Reduce the bearing temperature

2. Reduce the bearing load

3. Use better grease

4. Improve the bearing load capacity


Since items 2 to 4 were determined during fan development, it is difficult for users to improve further. Still, about item 1 "Reduce the bearing temperature", the same effect can be obtained by reducing the ambient temperature of the fan. For example, if the life expectancy of the fan is 40000 hours in a 60 ° C environment, the expectation of life increases to 70000 hours in a 40 ° C environment.


Though fans are mainly used for cooling, comprehending that the service life of fans themselves are also affected by the ambient temperature, which should be considered when selecting fans, so as to make your equipment more maintenance-free.

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